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10 Tips For Planning A Beach Wedding in Florida

What could be more romantic than a Florida beach wedding? With year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, and diverse offerings, Florida has everything you could ask for a perfect wedding.

Here are tips for planning a beach wedding in Florida

1. Wedding Location

The most crucial step in planning a beach wedding is choosing a location. Public beaches are great for taking your vows as they are pretty accessible.

2. Wedding Season

With any wedding planning, timing is everything. 

It is even more critical when planning a beach wedding in Florida. To avoid the FL heat, consider having your ceremony during sunrise or evening after the sun has set.

3. Wedding Guests

To make your guests feel comfortable and have a great time. All the details to include should cover local lodging, transportation, amenities available at the after-party, a range of dietary options, and ideas for child entertainment.

4. Wedding Attire

Do a dress rehearsal on the beach BEFORE you shop. Wear a dress you already own in a similar style and fabric that you're considering for your wedding dress. See if it does well in wind, heat, and other beach-related conditions. The same goes for the groom's outfit. Other tips include: thinking about an up-do; skipping the veil; light colors; and no high heels. Also, share recommended dress attire for your guests so they'll be comfortable as well.

5. Wedding Website

A wedding website is a convenient and practical place to add all this information and share it with your guests. By creating a wedding website, you provide a centralized hub where guests can access up-to-date information. By posting this information on your website, you save time and effort in individually communicating these details to each guest.

6. Share The Salt life

You may want to share your beach theme and the glory of Florida beaches with your guests in your wedding gifts to them. A gift bag could include any number of beach-related items: turkish beach towel (very thin & and practical; sand covered & sea-scented candles; seashell ornaments; men's & women's jewelry (think woven straw bracelets; good quality sunscreen & lip balm, and so more ideas.

You can share some of your favorite attractions, local breweries, or restaurants in a welcome letter, along with Florida citrus or local treats with some sunscreen or lip balm. 

7. Beach Activities

For your new family, combined families, and all your guests, doing outdoor activities together will make it more than memorable. You can head to an aquarium, play some beach volleyball, go parasailing or windsurfing, paddle boarding on the rivers is also really fun, and don't forget jet skiing, or snorkeling. These are excellent ways to create a memorable destination wedding experience for you and your guests.

8. Have a backup plan

No matter how comprehensive your original plan is, mishaps can happen. So, ensure you have a backup plan, especially for weather changes. Research the weather in your chosen beach location during the month of your wedding. Ensure that your wedding location has an inclement weather option.

9. Beach Proof Wedding Decor

Use sturdy décor and avoid breakable items. Anything you can’t live without (like name tags, photos, etc.), secure with adhesive, spring, or place something heavier over top to hold them down. In terms of flowers, you also want to make sure you choose varieties that stand up well against high temperatures and won’t wilt before the ceremony even begins. Hardy varieties such as chrysanthemums, calla lilies, king protea, and orchids will hold up nicely. Other decorative options include tropical fruits and sea shells.

10. Beach Permit

Though this isn’t always required, it is worth your time to do some research to avoid any unnecessary problems down the line. Find out about noise regulations in both private and public settings, so you can make the proper arrangements.


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